Monday, September 28, 2009

Joe says, "Hello"

Say the things that you always wanted to say...

in his/her morning coffee!

With the help of Coffee Stencil, you will not only have their favorite latte or cappuccino brewed and ready, but also become their first thought in the morning, simply by letting the coffee do the talking!

I was excited when I saw Coffee Stencil featured in Daily Candy. It is the first online store that sells handmade DIY coffee stencils. All you need is your favorite cup of latte or cappuccino (with foam), cocoa powder, tea strainer and your coffee stencil and VoilĂ ! Coffee Masterpiece. With over 300 graphics and text and even a customizable option, your coffee can say just about anything.

Wouldn't you like your nonfat vanilla latte to say "Good Morning" to you on a cold winter day?

Images via Coffee Stencil

1 comment:

  1. I love these stencils! I tryed to go on their websie and buy some but can't get to them:(


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