Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monkey Crush

dearest paul,

it's been so long...since high school i would say? i was in love with all things you. from backpacks to the soft cotton tees to especially, my very favorite pj bottoms, there was no monkeying around (well maybe a little). as life went on, as i became a little more serious, a little more grown up, i thought i could move on. but recently, ever so slightly, you have crept back into my life, reminding me that a little monkey business is okay. for that, thanks for the silliness and the smiles.

all things paul frank:

1. iLove iGoogle (paul frank theme for iGoogle)

2. spiral notebook and folders (Target $3-5)

3. iPhone cases (Apple $25-35)
4. knitted Julius monkeys (Amazon $13.19)


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